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The Re-rate Flag

How to detect potentially huge jumps
in tiny stocks…before they happen

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What if I told you that the secret to trading successfully had nothing to do with technical trends...or ‘hot stocks’...

But a single marker called a ‘re-rate flag’?

A re-rate flag can tell you when there’s a good chance a stock price is about to rocket up. All you need to do is buy the stock when you see the flag, then hold on for the ride.

Like you could have with this Family Zone trade that ripped up 150% in 34 days...

And this one — DroneShield — that flew up 52% in just 24 days…

And this one, Liontown Resources, that screamed up 70% in just 17 days...

Imagine making these three trades...days before those big moves...

And look how short the holding periods are here…

34 days…24 days…17 days…your cash doesn’t have to be tied up for long.

But look what you could achieve...and all without any technical or fundamental indicators, algorithms or ‘black box’ software programs.

I don’t use any of these things. I simply…

Look for the ‘re-rate flag’

Bloomberg calls it ‘the dirty little secret of financeit’s key to the way traders make their profits’.

It’s essentially an early indicator that tells me a stock has a good chance of being re-rated higher.

It’s not a dead cert.

But it is a very accurate indicator, as you’ll see.

A ‘re-rating’ simply means investors are willing to pay more for a stock today than they were yesterday.

That could be for many reasons…which I’ll explain at my event. The point is, if you can flag one of these ahead of time, you buy the stock…wait for the ‘re-rate’…and then sell it.

Now, it doesn’t work in your favour every time, of course.

But it has most of the time for me in the last 12 months.

Out of 19 ‘flag’ trades I recommended that are now closed…

  • One broke even
  • Five sold for a loss (max loss 28%)
  • 13 sold for a gain (max gain 150%)

And many of those gains came fast...

Like BetMakers Tech — a stock that jumped up 46% in just 50 days after I detected the ‘re-rate flag’...

And Atomos. This trade almost doubled in just under five months...

Now, to be clear: When Bloomberg talks about a ‘dirty little secret’, it’s not referring to insider trading. That’s illegal. What I do is 100% legal.

As I’ll show you at my online event, Flag Finder 2021, this is a carefully managed trading system that uses publicly available information to identify high-potential stocks...and then trade them at the right time.

Risk warning...

Some people promote trading courses and products that make it sound like you can’t lose. I’m honest about what I do…and the risks involved. Obviously, the trades I identify don’t rip every time. Trading can be a risky pursuit. Sometimes you get a ‘false flag’ signal…and the stock goes the other way, meaning you lose money. My system has certain fail-safes in place to protect your capital in the event this happens — but there are no guarantees. If you don’t like the idea of your money being at risk in the market, maybe it’s better you don’t register for my free trading event.

Truth is, there are hundreds of ‘re-rate flags’ raised on ASX-listed stocks every single day.

They’re all on the internet...if you know where to look and have the time to sift through them (they don’t all have the same potential).

But the fact that most investors don’t know where to look (or what to look for)…and don’t have the time…is a huge factor in the success of these trades.

Hence Bloomberg’s ‘dirty little secret’ line. The fewer people who know about the re-rate flag, the higher the potential re-rating. 

And the best bit?

You don’t need any special training or
years of market experience to get started

This is as simple (and fun) as trading strategies get.

You don’t need to understand technical trading. Or how to analyse a stock’s fundamentals.

Nor is this limited to one sector of the market. You can trade mining stocks, tech stocks, healthcare stocks, utilities, indices, fintech...anything.

These Aussies Are Already Following the Flag Finder Strategy
to Make Quick, In-And-Out Gains From the ASX...

"‘I like the concept very much indeed. So far, I am up $3,365.’

– Roger, Tranmere, SA

"‘I have tried for years to find something or someone that would aid me in making some consistent steady returns for our SMSF. To say I am more than happy with the results so far is probably an understatement.’

– CF, Wolli Creek, NSW

"‘Overall, I have made a profit of $11,300. This equates to an annualised gain of the order of 100% which is brilliant.’

– VFV, Eaglemont, Vic

"‘We have enjoyed the ride that Callum has plotted for us. Hope it continues to roll on. We are about 80k up.’

– Ross, NSW

"‘Some very good outcomes...all profit of $30,000 this financial year is from Callum’s advice.’

– Ivan R, Warrandyte, Vic

"‘The results have been sensational...far exceeded any expectations I may have set.’

– Keith, Kilmore, Vic

"‘All-up profit of $7,605 to date. This is about 11% profit in 6 weeks - so I am very happy. Thanks Callum.’

– Dr Tony Collins, Point Frederick, NSW

"‘Callum provides considerable and timely information. I have made good returns on most completed trades, and open trades are mostly in the money.’

– Tom C, Flora Hill, Vic

"‘Before I was losing money, as I had no system to follow. NOW we have had tremendous results following you... Have 5 of your recommendations at the moment all making money...’

– Suzanne and Paul, Paddington, NSW

"‘To put it bluntly, FANTASTIC. Being new to trading and having mixed results on my own, your input is invaluable.’

– RG, Brisbane, Qld

"‘Have done well from Callum’s recommendations. For example - AMS currently up 61%, EOS currently up 65%.’

– MV, Piara Waters, WA

"‘I am very happy. I have taken up 11 recommendations, 5 are closed. Of these 4 were in profit of 7.5% in 2 weeks, 23% in 2 weeks, 41% in 3 weeks & 52% in 1 week.’

– KM, Wamberal, NSW

Find the ‘re-rate flag’…and you find the trade.

Sometimes the re-rate occurs quicker than you can blink…

In fact, one of the ‘flag’ trades I found went up 60% over the course of one trading day (I recommended banking the gain that same day).

Be clear: We’re not interested in holding or ‘owning’ stocks.

The goal is to identify, anticipate and trade big re-ratings…in tiny stocks. Then get out, hopefully with a profit, and find the next stock.

And there’s no shortage of trades. Right now, we’re averaging around three a month.

So, if you’re looking for a simple, fast-paced stock trading strategy where you can swing for big wins, without always having to tie up your cash for months at a time...

...and you don’t want to spend your precious time hunting around the market every day, looking for the best prospects or studying stock charts until you go cross-eyed...

…get your name down below.

There’s no charge to attend Flag Finder 2021, but you do need to register. Just Enter your email address into the box below and click or tap the button. I’ll reserve a place for you.

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FREE Online Trading Event ★ Secure Your Place Here

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How to get the most out of this workshop

I want my strategy to help you become a consistently successful stock trader.

And I believe it will. Because it’s set up to detect a force that’s proven to move stock prices. Sometimes quickly... sometimes massively.


What I’m going to teach you has nothing to do with the technical trading pattern known as ‘the flag’.

‘Flag trading’ — in financial textbooks — refers to a set of indicators some traders use to identify stock breakouts during longer-term trends.

That’s not what I do. When I talk about ‘flags’, I’m talking about something much simpler than that. In fact, it’s an idea that dates back to the 15th century! Some of the richest families and dynasties throughout history understood the significance of flags and used this idea to build incredible wealth.

I’m not joking — it’s the exact same principle. And at my event, I’m going to show you how to use it to find stocks that have a really, really good chance of going up fast.

Register now — for free — in any of the boxes on this page...

But if you want to start trading ‘re-rate flags’ with confidence, you’ll need a little extra prep to get all fired up in time for the event.

So, I’ve put together a three-part primer series that I’ll send to you by email. You’ll get access to one session a day leading up to the event.

Here’s what you’ll learn...

  • PART 1: The Real Reason Stocks ‘Re-rate’

In this first session, I’ll reveal the powerful force behind ‘the re-rate flag’. And I’ll show you how it’s capable of making certain stocks leap up 10%...20%...50%...even 100% — sometimes in as little as a few days — in all market conditions: Up, down or sideways.

You’ll see that you don’t need technical analysis...expensive software…mysterious ‘black box’ algorithms...or fundamental price ratios to benefit from this force. And it’s not about finding ‘hot markets’, either. I’ll show you what creates this force, and how to detect it building behind a stock...

  • PART 2: How to Use the Information Advantage

In session two, you’ll discover how some of the richest dynasties in history — the Medici...the Rothschilds...even Napoleon — used this exact same idea to create incredible wealth.

Now, obviously I’m not promising to make you a billionaire. But I will show you a direct through-line from how these families built their fortunes to how you can succeed at trading stocks. It’s all down to information. Specifically, NEW information: Where to find it, and how to use it to your advantage. I’ve got all the answers for you...

  • PART 3: Where to Look for the Biggest, Fastest Re-raters

If you want the chance to shoot for big, fast trading gains with this strategy, you’ve got to look where bank analysts...and most mainstream financial journalists…hardly ever go. To give you an idea of the potential of this market segment, there are 2,241 stocks in total listed on the Australian exchange. In 2020, 101 Australian stocks gained more than 300%...and they all came from this segment. That’s pretty amazing when you remember that 2020 was the year of the biggest Australian stock market crash, ever.

I’ll show you why this tiny, unloved corner of the ASX has a natural advantage when it comes to succeeding with this trading strategy...

This all culminates in….

Part 4: FLAG FINDER 2021

  • FREE ONLINE EVENT: Discover how YOU can detect the ‘re-rate flag’ and use it to trade some of the fastest-moving stocks on the market...for the chance to make big gains when these stocks are re-rated.

I believe this is the simplest and most effective way to make money quickly on the stock market. And I’ll teach you exactly how it’s done...

Plus, you’ll be able to get started right away with a free flag trade. That’s right. At the event, I will give you the name, code and all the trade-ready details of a stock I think is about to benefit from a big re-rating.

This stock is sitting in a sector that took a beating recently, and it looks ripe for a rebound. I’ve already detected the re-rate it’s just a case of pulling the trigger...

I’ll share the details of this trade with you — for free — at Flag Finder 2021...

Meet your host — Callum Newman

I’m a trader…a market analyst…a writer...and I teach people how to trade stocks

I’ve run trading seminars, I’ve been on TV, I’ve spoken at investment conferences…and my daily financial email has about 60,000 subscribers.

People in the industry always overcomplicate trading. But in my experience, achieving success boils down to a simple, basic principle anyone can learn — and it can lead you to fantastic success, in ANY kind of market.

Here, see what I mean...these are all the closed trades I recommended using my ‘re-rate flag’ strategy for in 2020/21 (to date). Look at the win/loss ratio...and the duration of the trades!

FAMILY ZONE CYB FZO.AX 01/07/20 04/08/20 34 150%
ATOMOS AMS.AX 12/08/20 08/01/21 149 98%
ALTHEA GRP HLDG AGH.AX 12/06/20 14/09/20 94 79%
DRONESHIELD DRO.AX 18/08/20 11/09/20 24 52%
BETMAKERS TECH BET.AX 07/10/20 26/11/20 50 46%
FAMILY ZONE CYB FZO.AX 01/07/20 06/07/20 5 40%
BLUE STAR HEL BNL.AX 29/09/20 19/10/20 20 39%
ZELIRA THERA ZLD.AX 29/9/20 27/10/20 28 30%
LIONTOWN LTR.AX 04/09/20 22/09/20 18 27%
ALTHEA GRP HLDG AGH.AX 12/06/20 04/11/20 145 14%
LIFE360 CDI 360.AX 06/08/20 27/08/20 21 6%
ENVIROSUITE EVS.AX 01/09/20 08/10/20 37 6%
GRANGE RESOURCES GRR.AX 23/07/20 08/09/20 47 4%
RED RIVER RESOURCES RVR.AX 11/11/20 29/1/21 79 0%
COOPER ENERGY COE.AX 05/06/20 22/07/20 47 -5%
FAMILY ZONE CYB FZO.AX 09/09/20 27/10/20 48 -12%
AUSTAL ASB.AX 15/04/20 27/10/20 195 -13%
VMOTO VMT.AX 09/09/20 04/11/20 56 -19%
TYRO PAYMENTS TYR.AX 07/01/21 15/01/21 8 -29%

Remember — it’s free to attend Flag Finder 2021, but you need to register in the box below.

I’ve shown hundreds of Aussie investors how to trade ‘re-rate flags’…often with incredible success.

As one trader who follows my work put it, ‘DRO made 60%; OBM made 30% in 11 days; FZO made 38% in 16 days. Just wish I’d invested larger amounts.

Another wrote in to tell me he’d ‘collected just over $4,000’ on one trade.

While a third emailed: ‘I am enjoying [it], having made $25k on DRO...’

I’d love you to be next.

I can’t promise you’ll win every trade.

But I can promise you’ll learn something really valuable...that will change your attitude and approach to trading stocks in the future.

And remember, just for attending my event, you’ll be able to put this knowledge into practice for free…with my next ‘flag trade’ recommendation.

To secure your spot now, type your email address in the box and click or tap the button.

I’ll send you an email right away, confirming your spot at the event — plus the itinerary and all the details of the primer series.

We’re going to have lots of fun...see you there!


Callum Newman Signature

Callum Newman,
Host, Flag Finder 2021

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